Meaningful Day Services

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Meaningful Day Services is a unique and educational community-based day supports program designed to build skills for adults with developmental disabilities. Meaningful Day utilizes a person-centered approach to promote a social, creative, and professional schedule based on specific individual needs. People are offered help with academic, social, cultural, ethnic, volunteer, and community endeavors. The distinctive day services are shaped based on input from everyone involved in the individual’s life, assessments, and data-based decision-making. Meaningful Day Supports incorporates positive behavior interventions and strategies backed by research focusing on prevention, teaching, and coaching to improve socially appropriate behaviors.

People are supported to pursue specific interests they may have in individual or group settings. Several members manage a large fish aquarium where they experience proper care and maintenance of the contained environment. Participants also enjoy the arts and crafts department where, painting, woodworking, and artisan products are produced. Many creations are sold in the “Oh My Gallery & Gifts” retail shop in the front of the day program. Oh My Gallery & Gifts is a consignment shop where individuals can experience and learn the business side of a retail store environment. Community volunteer opportunities are also part of Meaningful Day Services allowing individuals to make meaningful contributions in the local community. Throughout the year individuals have opportunities to enjoy field trips offering new and interesting experiences. Farms, museums, nature centers, and The Big E are just some of the events they have visited. Some trips are educational, and some are just for fun.

Meaningful Day Services has experienced remarkable success at our Community-Based Day Support program in downtown Plymouth and is in the process of opening a second program based in the Plymouth area.

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