Residential Support

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Reach, Inc. is a nonprofit agency providing residential services to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities who live in or would like to live in the greater Plymouth area. Reach, Inc. started offering residential services in July of 1987. Reach, Inc. strives to empower individuals by creating homes centered on their wants and needs. Reach, Inc. provides services supporting independent living 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Additionally, in-home services are provided for individuals in a variety of living situations who do not require 24-hour oversight. Reach, Inc. works with DDS and the Individual’s support team to determine the best level of staffing needed. Together with the people receiving services, their families, guardians, advocates, the Department of Developmental Services, and an amazing team of managers and support staff, Reach, Inc teaches, advocates, supports, and fosters independence along with self-reliance and community involvement.

Reach, Inc provides support for all areas of the individual’s life: medical, financial, personal care, and the pursuits of daily living. Reach, Inc. believes in the importance of looking at the whole person when providing supports. This ensures a happy and full life by encouraging personal and leisure activities, community involvement, and the development of positive relationships with friends and family. The right to dignity of risk builds opportunities to experience and learn from life choices that foster independence, self-advocacy, and self-determination, leading to a life filled with many diverse and inclusive experiences. Reach, Inc incorporates positive behavior interventions and strategies backed by research that focuses on prevention, teaching, and coaching to improve socially appropriate behaviors.

Reach, Inc. respects the individual’s right to choose where they live, the type of housing, roommate selection, and level of independent living. Every supported individual in a home setting has their own bedroom offering a safe place for relaxation and privacy. Residential homes are located within a few miles of the Reach, Inc. main office located in downtown Plymouth. The concise geographical design allows for easy access to the office and events or gatherings occurring throughout the year.

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