Remote Support

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Remote Supports is a very new program model offered through contracts with the Department of Developmental Services. Reach, Inc. is one of only a few providers in the DDS Plymouth Area that is licensed and certified to offer this type of service. Remote Supports utilizes the ever-growing array of adaptive technology tools and virtual assistance. The Remote Supports service allows greater independence and less intrusion into people’s homes. We partner with a national company called Safe in Home that supplies and monitors adaptive equipment used to foster a safe independent home. Reach, Inc. also works with various adaptive technology assessment teams to determine the most advantageous equipment that would be appropriate for the individual.

There are countless items available. For example, people can utilize a timed medication dispenser that opens and delivers a dose at the time it is needed. The Safe In-Home monitoring department can view the individual taking the medication via an iPad. There are items to allow safe cooking, door monitoring, seizure activity, emergency responses, and countless more. These items free up staff time to allow for other activities like community outings. Remote Supports is truly the wave of the future.

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